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Writing a Letter to a Home Seller

Writing a personal letter to a home seller

How to Write the Perfect Letter to the Homeowner. Submitting a great personal letter to a home seller will make your offer stand out from others. There are many factors that go into writing¬†a Letter to a Home Seller. A big part of writing a great letter is to be a well-qualified buyer. If you […]

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Buying a Home: Make Your Purchase Offer Stand Out

writing a winning home purchase offer

Making your purchase offer stand out from those of other South Bay homebuyers in 2020 will give you a huge advantage when it comes to buying the home of your dreams. Although we are in the midst of a real estate market that is skewing more favorable to buyers, there is still plenty of competition […]

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Redondo Beach Real Estate Market: Trends for 2020

Redondo Beach Real Estate Forecast 2020

Here is a quick and straightforward look at what we see for the Redondo Beach real estate market in 2020. The local market remained steady in 2019, while still providing great opportunities for homeowners and investors alike. Home prices are still at an all-time high but have recently appreciated at a slower rate over the […]

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