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Save Money on your Home Purchase

Save money when buying a home

If you can be flexible, open-minded, and patient when purchasing a home, you will save a boat-load of money. Plan your purchase to allow yourself time to save money and wait for various money-saving opportunities. Let’s explore the top ways to save money on your home purchase. Save money on your home mortgage There are […]

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How Realtors Search for Available Homes

A realtor searching for homes

Have you ever wondered how Realtors search for available homes? A hard-working, experienced Realtor uses several methods and sources to help them find homes for their buyers. Considering that the services of a buyer’s agent are almost always free, the value that the agent brings is immense. When choosing an agent to help you find […]

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Writing a Letter to a Home Seller

Writing a personal letter to a home seller

How to Write the Perfect Letter to the Homeowner. Submitting a great personal letter to a home seller will make your offer stand out from others. There are many factors that go into writing a Letter to a Home Seller. A big part of writing a great letter is to be a well-qualified buyer. If you […]

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Buying a Home: Make Your Purchase Offer Stand Out

writing a winning home purchase offer

Making your purchase offer stand out from those of other South Bay homebuyers in 2020 will give you a huge advantage when it comes to buying the home of your dreams. Although we are in the midst of a real estate market that is skewing more favorable to buyers, there is still plenty of competition […]

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