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How to Keep Your Home Clean with a Dog

Keeping a house clean takes time outside of work and school that you might not have. Add another pair of feet or paws to the household and you’ll be shocked at how quickly the house becomes dirty or untidy, even after a deep cleaning.

However, don’t give up. Living in a dirty home can impact your entire family’s health. Whether you recently made an addition to the family or have had a dog for some time, here are ways you can keep your home clean, even with a four-legged family member roaming around.

Add Fabric Cleaners to Your Cleaning Supply Closet

Accidents happen at any time, so you need to be prepared. Tackling accidents as soon as they happen will increase your odds of getting rid of them before a stain sets in. Even if a stained carpet is free of odor, it can still seem dirty. So, avoid this feeling by keeping some enzymatic stain and odor eliminators on hand. Most spills can be taken care of with prompt treatment. If left untreated, you could face costly professional carpet cleanings later on.

Buy Help

Invest in supplies that will help you maintain a clean home or make clean-up easy. Many of the necessary cleaning supplies are already found in most homes, but there are a few things you should pick up in addition to the products you may own.

Consider buying an iRobot Roomba vacuum that can help keep your floors clean whether you’re home or not. With many of the Roomba products, you can tell the vacuum when to get to work each day. The recent Roomba S9+ has a body designed for corners and edges that other older models are unable to fully reach, but you can decide which option works best for your needs.

Look into purchasing a portable handheld vacuum, too, for quick furniture clean up in-between deep cleans. If this is outside your budget, buy lint rollers and refills to use on pillows, curtains and large furniture that can’t be tossed in the wash.

Stay on Top of Things

Since bulky furniture is more difficult to clean, invest in furniture covers or extra sheets at the very least. While some hair and moisture can make it through the fibers of a sheet and cloth covers, these provide an extra barrier between your dog’s dirty paws and expensive furniture.

When the covers are dirty, simply toss them in the wash. This avoids worn-out furniture due to over-washing, and it’s much faster to tackle cleaning the areas where your pet tends to hang out the most. Bedsheets are a cheap alternative for anyone working within a budget, and you’ll definitely see a difference after using a cover.

Stop worrying about your couch every time you snuggle up with your dog on it. You can also avoid having a problem area anywhere your dog roams by keeping it clean.

Keep Your Canine Clean

Be preventative and avoid some messes before they happen by keeping your dog clean. Regular grooming is great for your dog’s hygiene and health, but it’s also known to decrease shedding that can be a nuisance in any home.

In addition to spreading fur around your home, washing and brushing your dog consistently cuts back on the dirt, dandruff, and debris that comes in on their paws. Keep their feet clean between baths with a paw cleaner to use after a rainy day walk.

Good grooming practices will also alert you at the first sign of fleas. This bug can easily make its way into your home and furniture by hooking onto your poor pet. Stop them from torturing your dog with constant scratching or invading your home with treatments and preventives.

Protect your family members — furry or otherwise — from health risks by making your home a clean environment. Using new products can cut down your cleaning time and messes, leaving you with more free time to spend playing with your pet. Avoid the stress of having an indoor pet with consistent cleaning and the right supplies.

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