How To Make The Best Possible Offer On A New Home

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One of the biggest challenges in buying a new home is the offer process. If your offer is too low, it may get rejected, while making a high offer could result in too high of a purchase price and ultimately costing you too much money. Our agents have been in your shoes and we want to help you understand a couple of the most important factors when it comes to strategically placing an offer on a home.


Why is the house on the market?

Learning what the seller’s motivation for listing their house can give you a powerful advantage when it comes to positioning your offer. However, sometimes the answer is not as obvious.

Use the listing reason to your advantage.

If you’re not already aware of the seller’s reasoning, begin looking into public records about the home. These records are easier to find than ever, with sites like Zillow and Trulia aggregating so much of the major info for you, like a most recent sale, tax information, and price history. If the current owner purchased the home recently, he or she may be trying to turn around a sale quickly but also may be more sensitive to accepting an offer that’s lower than the price he or she purchased it for.

For more information on variables that could potentially affect your purchase price, visit the County Auditor website for the county that the home is located in. Perform a property search and read some of the documents you find. This will make it clear to you whether the property is in a flood zone – causing you to have to pay costly flood insurance, had a flagged survey, or any other potential blips in the official paperwork that you could use to your advantage during the negotiation process.

Put your best foot forward.

When you’re in the heat of negotiations, it can be tempting to play hardball, but sometimes even a small kindness on your part could make all the difference if the seller is weighing multiple offers. Oftentimes potential buyers will write a thoughtful note to the seller explaining what they love so much about the house. If selling is emotional to a seller who really loves his or her house, this type of gesture can really stand out.

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Strategies to Survive Holiday Spending while Saving for a Home

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Holiday spending can be extremely stressful time, financially, for many people. However, that stress is magnified if you’re trying to save for a financial goal – like purchasing a home. We want to help you develop strategies and tactics to cope with holiday spending while still meeting your financial goals.


Our number one tip for surviving holiday spending is to create your holiday budget in advance. The sooner you can lay out all the people you need to shop for and assign dollar values to those names, the better. Begin putting a sum of money into a “holiday account” each paycheck to help make the sudden onslaught of spending a little more comfortable, rather than letting it sneak up on you.

When you’re making your budget, this may be a good time to make some minor adjustments to your typical holiday spending. Try reducing the amount that you spend on each person by a certain amount. Maybe commit to reduce your holiday spending by 25% this year. So if you would typically buy your mother a $100 gift, commit to spending only $75 on her this year.

Suggest Money-Saving Options

If you have a large family who each purchases a gift for everyone else, try suggesting a fun, new tradition this year. There are several holiday games like Secret Santa (where you draw a name and purchase only for that person) or White Elephant (where you bring a gift that you think will be appeal – or be funny – to everyone in the group and choose your gift from the pile of available options). Not only are these traditions fun, but it also, but they also require that each person only bring a gift for one other person, significantly reducing the amount that each person must spend on holiday gifts.

Be Up-Front & Honest

Share your dreams and goals with your friends and family to help them understand why it is that you’re not able to make your typical financial commitment this holiday season. Letting them in on your plan and you’ll gain a great support system, as well as their understanding of why you’re making the budgetary decisions that you’re making this holiday season.

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Merit’s Halloween Costume Contest

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What would YOU do with $300? Don’t just think it – do it! Merit Real Estate, Inc. is giving away a $300 Visa Gift Card. Follow the steps below to enter the giveaway, and mark your calendars – the deadline is October 31st, 2017. The winner will be announced on social media on November 1st, 2017.


1️⃣ Must LIKE Merit Real Estate on Facebook or FOLLOW @MeritRealEstate on Instagram

2️⃣ Upload a photo of your child, or pet, in their Halloween costume to Facebook or Instagram. Please make sure that your account or post is public, or else we won’t be able to see it!

3️⃣ Don’t forget to tag us (@MeritRealEstate) and use hashtag #MeritCostumeContest


  • Share this post/image on Facebook or Instagram and tag 2 friends for 3 EXTRA ENTRIES – Pretty cool, right? Just make sure if you do this, you also tag us @MeritRealEstate on your public post/image so we don’t miss it!

  • Each post with #MeritCostumeContest will count as an entry! Limit to one person, child, or pet.

We’ll announce the winner after October 31st, 2017! The winner will be chosen via a random drawing.



  • All those entering this contest must be at least 18 years old or, if older than 13 but younger than 18, have explicit parental/guardian permission to participate in the contest.
  • This contest is not affiliated with any social networking website and is the sole responsibility of Merit Real Estate, Inc.
  • This contest is open to residents of the South Bay, Los Angeles area ONLY.
  • Merit Real Estate, Inc. is not responsible for the loss of prizes in the process of delivery.
  • Merit Real Estate, Inc. reserves the right to end this contest at any time.
  • Merit Real Estate, Inc. is not responsible for what the winner chooses to do with the prize.
  • The $300 Visa Gift Card cannot be exchanged for any other prize, of equal, greater, or lesser value, including in the case of cash.
  • All those entering the contest, by entering, give permission to Merit Real Estate, Inc. to use their #MeritCostumeContest entries on Merit Real Estate’s social media accounts and websites as well as commercially.
  • Merit Real Estate, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify participants of the contest who manipulate, exploit, or misleadingly portray the rules and purpose of the contest in any way, shape, or form.
  • All photos entered into the contest must not be of an excessively sexual or violent nature–that is, nothing that you wouldn’t want your kids to see and nothing that would be rated PG-17 and above.
  • Only accounts set to “public” or posts set to “public” can be counted as entries in the contest.
  • A #MeritCostumeContest entry must not be deleted after its posting unless the participant takes another #MeritCostumeContest photo with the understanding that the new photo will not be counted as a new entry but rather as a replacement for the old one.
  • #MeritCostumeContest photos must be posted on a participant’s own social media account(s). That is, a photo cannot be posted onto the Merit Real Estate’s Facebook page, for example, and still qualify as a valid entry.


Brew Lagoon 2017

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Brew Lagoon, took place at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach featuring unlimited tasting from over 20 of the BEST Southern California craft breweries alongside music festival vibes from 5 local bands. The event was planned by local event planners, Gasser Lounge and Huck Street Productions, and sponsored by Merit Real Estate. The event sold out the week prior to the event, exceeding all expectations.

Upon arrival attendees were given a tasting glass provided by Merit Real Estate and the Brew Lagoon planners. Individuals would come up to breweries of their choice and receive free craft beer samples. Bands like The Royal Rats, a unique throwback surf rock band dressed in formal attire provided the event with awesome beach vibes and a laid back ambiance. The band that drew the most attention, was a comically named, but fun and energetic electronic band, Fartbarf, dressed as Neanderthals in space jumpsuits. Everything from  their electronic rock style and outfits created a memorable fun energy and ambiance.

Overall the event ran very smoothly and it is rumored that Brew Lagoon may be returning soon, and possibly regularly. With the incredible organization and planning from Gasser Lounge, Huck Street Productions, and Merit Real Estate, we are hoping the next Brew Lagoon will be much larger, as over 300 people had to be turned away at the door, potentially the only hiccup in the overall success of Brew Lagoon. Merit Real Estate has been a supporter of local events in the South Bay now for many years, and we are very lucky to have been a part of such a successful and crowd-drawing event.

-Juan C Munoz & Rodman Amiri

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Redondo Beach SWAT honors Merit Real Estate & Amir Amiri


March. 17, 2017- During a ceremony held at Veterans Park, Chief Kauffman and Captain Hoffman of the Redondo Beach Police Department honored Amir Amiri of Merit Real Estate for his support. Since 1989, Amir Amiri has been providing SWAT with access to various properties to conduct training any time it was requested. The training prepares SWAT for the most efficient and effective response possible in the event of a critical incident. The enriched training environment improves RBPD service to the community and saves lives. Amir Amiri was taken by surprise to be given such an honor and he was very appreciative of the recognition. Amir Amiri is happy to continue supporting our local police force, an integral part of our community.


Juan C. Munoz

WHY Should You List With Merit Real Estate

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If you are looking to SELL your home, this blog is for YOU!


Selling a property can be difficult, especially when you don’t know who to list with. There are so many agents and brokerages out there – Who do you choose?

There are many factors to consider when selling your home.

Things like…

Who should I list with?

Where am I going to move?

Who is going to buy my home?

How long will it take to close escrow?

How much value is my home going to fetch?

What are the fees involved in selling my home?

Even though it seems complicated, we can simplify things. Selling your home does not need to be a difficult task. You need to think in terms of reputation, access, and network.

Brokerages that have years of experience and a track record of success are the ones who will provide you with the best results. Merit Real Estate has been serving the Redondo Beach area since 1989 and has earned a 5 star rating on Yelp with 40 reviews.

Merit Real Estate has an unlimited source of capital to purchase properties. We can purchase all cash and close quickly. We can purchase a wide scope of properties, anything from single family to duplex and triplex. If we can’t buy it for ourselves, we know someone who can.

Merit has a wide range of developers and builders that work on multiple projects simultaneously. At any one time, you can easily see about 30 properties being newly developed in the streets of North Redondo, all made available and turn-key for prospective home buyers.

We can buy any property and provide the client with the funds to do as they wish; we can even find you a new home! We have bought and sold hundreds of properties and know the individual streets inside out. We know what your property is worth and are willing to pay market price to purchase it in order to develop new properties.

It’s effortless if you are a seller, let our team of professionals do all the work FOR YOU!

When you want to SELL, MERIT Real Estate will do a free market evaluation of your home!

Peter Khoury

Empathy + Duty = Merit

May 7, 2016

I often get asked the question of where the name of our company came from. It wasn’t until recently that I really started to think about this, and how the definition of the word “merit” and how it relates to our company dynamic. But to me, “merit” is just a brand for our company. If you look up the word “merit,” and then think of someone naming themselves that, you would think, “wow, how arrogant.” Yes, to have merit means to be good, to have earned a reputation for excellency. But can you start from zero with “merit?” No—“merit” needs to be earned.

However, the ideology of “merit” can be there from the start. The goal and vision to do good, to achieve worth, can be there, no matter where you are in your career, or in life.

What is merit blog

Recently, a question was brought to my attention as to what Merit (as a company), or myself, can bring to the table over another competing agent. I am not here to badmouth anyone. There are tons of agents in the industry, with well-deserved “merit.” But this made me think of what I do bring to the table, and this helped me skew my definition of the word a bit. To me, Merit, and being a part of Merit, means having a sense of empathy, and a sense of duty to our clients. Simply put, it means putting ourselves in their shoes, and wholeheartedly doing what is best for them, as if it were ourselves. This is what we bring to the table. This mindset gives you Merit before you ever close a deal, meet a potential client, or even open your eyes in the morning.

Our Merit is unwavering. The philosophy of Merit is what we all share and what brings us all together, but our track record and reputation are what give us “merit.”


Some of the best-rated restaurants in the South Bay

April 27, 2016

It’s Wednesday, which means it is almost Friday, which hopefully means you will have some time to kick back and relax.  If you haven’t made weekend plans yet, we’ve compiled some of the best-rated restaurants in our neighborhood that are worth a try! Feeling adventurous this weekend? Check one of these out:

  • The Post-Manhattan Beach-Chef David LeFevre introduced this best-kept secret to the South Bay in 2011 and immediately it was named one of Los Angeles Magazine’s Best New Restaurants of 2011. At The Post you will find a variety of meat and seafood dishes, breads, cheeses, unique textures, ingredients, and flavors! As far as the drinks, you definitely cannot miss out on the handcrafted cocktails with fresh juices and home-made syrups!
  • Fishing with Dynamite-Manhattan Beach-This oyster-focused seafood bar is Chef David LeFevre’s second restaurant! Right next door to The Post, Fishing with Dynamite opened its doors in 2013 and has been a huge success. Expect a variety of seafood delicacies like squash rolls, Peruvian scallops, and grilled octopus. The menu changes frequently, but it will be difficult to find something that is not to die for!
  • Tin Roof Bistro-Manhattan Beach-Tin Roof Bistro embodies Chef Simms’ and Conness’ vision of a local wine country, from the wood décor to the Wine Locker membership. It is a guaranteed unique dining experience that takes everyday foods to a whole new level. We bet you’ve never had better French onion soup or oven roasted salmon.
  • Little Sister-Manhattan Beach-At Little Sister you are sure the find the best Asian food fusion around! Once you try it you will wonder why it took you so long to eat here. It seems the one dish locals cannot stop raving about is the Salt & Pepper Lobster which includes butter fried shallots, fried chilies, and a touch of garlic- cooked to perfection. At Little Sister you are not only going to find great food, but also a great experience!
  • Nick’s-Manhattan Beach- Feeling a bit more traditional? Nick’s in Manhattan Beach is the place to go! Here you will find your classic American comfort food: Burgers, salads, steaks, pork ribs to name a few. Nick’s has received tremendous reviews from the locals in Manhattan Beach. The latest highlight on the dessert menu-British Irish whiskey cake!

Los Angeles Rams Come Home Again

April 8, 2016

Back in 1995, I was devastated when my football team the Los Angeles Rams left Los Angeles to play in St. Louis. I remember when the Rams played in Anaheim and I would take my young son to watch games at least four or five times a year sometimes more when they made the playoffs. It was great, my son grew up a Rams fan and we followed them even when they were playing in St. Louis, my son and I were thrilled when finally they won the super bowl in 1999, and became world champions, after that we became even more of a hard core Rams fans, and what I mean by this is that we wanted to know all about the team, the roster, the schedule and everything that had to do with the team we ate and breathed Rams football, and needless to say we bleed gold and blue (our colors).


We never lost hope that maybe just maybe someday they would come back to Los Angeles or even somewhere in Southern California. Now our wish and our dream have come true, our Rams are back and we can hardly wait until the regular National Football season gets under way. We already have plans to go see them practice in Thousand Oaks and after that we will plan how many games we are going to go to, The Rams are going to play at the Los Angeles Coliseum the first two years then move to Inglewood, CA where the owner of the Rams is building a state of the art stadium that is going to have a capacity of about 60,000 seats. For all those Rams out there who have been waiting for this, I just want to tell them you deserve this special treat. The National Football college draft is going to be held at the end of April, and we are all hoping the Rams can draft a franchise quarterback that can lead the team to the next super bowl win here in Los Angeles, that will be a great thing.

We want to feel what those fans in St. Louis felt back in 1999.

Good luck and God bless the Rams.

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