Merit Real Estate

Redondo Beach SWAT honors Merit Real Estate & Amir Amiri


March. 17, 2017- During a ceremony held at Veterans Park, Chief Kauffman and Captain Hoffman of the Redondo Beach Police Department honored Amir Amiri of Merit Real Estate for his support. Since 1989, Amir Amiri has been providing SWAT with access to various properties to conduct training any time it was requested. The training prepares SWAT for the most efficient and effective response possible in the event of a critical incident. The enriched training environment improves RBPD service to the community and saves lives. Amir Amiri was taken by surprise to be given such an honor and he was very appreciative of the recognition. Amir Amiri is happy to continue supporting our local police force, an integral part of our community.


Juan C. Munoz