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Staging a Home That Sells

Sometimes the difference between selling your home immediately and struggling through a multiple month-long process is simply in the staging. Make sure you know what buyers are looking for in a beautifully staged home. What follows is Merit Real Estate’s essentials guide to home staging. Visit Merit Real Estate today at www.MeritRealEstate.com or call (310) 379-4444.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you know who your buyers will be. If you have a reasonably priced home, you may be targeting a younger demographic – singles, newlyweds, or young families. If you have something in a higher price range, keep a middle-aged market in mind. Playing up the features you have that appeal to your target demographic will help you stage in a way that will appeal to them.

Pack Your Photos

Pack up your personal photos and stash them away. You want your buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home as-is. Photos of you and your little ones will simply be a distraction and something that takes them out of that mental picture.

Trends are Your Friend

People love trendy homes. People are sometimes just looking for something that’s more exciting than where they’re living now. Err away from the side of practicality and show them the trendy home they’re dreaming of.

Add Color

A pop of color – like an accent wall or trendy furniture piece – can make all the difference in a room. Add a few of these trendy elements to entice your buyers into the home.

Make it Livable

Make sure your home is clean and tidy, but not immaculate. It’s better for them to be able to picture themselves watching a movie on the couch rather than running around trying to keep the place clean!

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