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Budget Friendly Home Staging

Having your home staged to sell is one of the most powerful tools you can employ to sell your home quickly and for a greater profit. However, hiring a professional home staging company can cost $1,000 – $5,000 depending on where you live and how much staging needs to be done. Merit Real Estate has a few foolproof home staging ideas that you can do on your own without breaking the bank.

Clear the Clutter
The most powerful ways you can stage your home is by making it a blank canvas where potential buyers can imagine adding their own personal touches. Store your personal effects at a friend or family members house, in a storage unit, or have a garage sale to declutter. Seeing clean, organized closets and storage spaces really allows potential buyers to marvel at the options they have for their own personal effects.

Learn from the Professionals
Look at home staging done in various model homes (like those available from home builders). These professionals have done the research to determine what sells – from layout to paint colors, furnishings to storage solutions – so copying some of their key ideas will ultimately help you sell your home too.

Keep in Neutral
While trendy paint colors and stylish furnishings may appeal to you, they will not appeal to the masses. Neutrals allow potential buyers imagine how they can put their own personal stamp on the home. It is easy to imagine personalizing a blank canvas and homes that sell will communicate this concept to potential buyers.

Scrub & Deodorize
One of the most important things to do when selling your home is ensuring that it is extraordinarily clean and smells fresh. No potential homebuyer wants to purchase a home when they know they’ll have to come in day one with Febreeze and scrub brushes to clean unfamiliar smells and dust out of the home. Show buyers that you take immaculate care of your home and all they’ll need to do when then move in is decorate and organize their new home.

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