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Cheap Flights From Southern California in January

posted by: Merit in: Vacation

As we march through the 2019 holiday season into the New Year, many of us are excited by a fresh start and all of the opportunities that a new year brings. One of the many great opportunities that January brings

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How to Keep Your Home Clean with a Dog

Keeping a house clean takes time outside of work and school that you might not have. Add another pair of feet or paws to the household and you’ll be shocked at how quickly the house becomes dirty or untidy, even

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Brew Lagoon 2017

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    Brew Lagoon, took place at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach featuring unlimited tasting from over 20 of the BEST Southern California craft breweries alongside music festival vibes from 5 local bands. The event was planned by local

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House on a Dune

posted by: Fred Sarhangian in: Vacation

January 18, 2016

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