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Empty Nesters Relocating Closer to Their Grown-Up Kids

As an empty nester, it’s natural to start thinking about downsizing and moving closer to your adult children. However, this move is

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The Hot Spring Market is Upon Us

So many home sellers wait until early Spring to list their homes for sale in order to take advantage of a notoriously well-balanced and

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High Interest Rates

Navigating Higher Mortgage Rates

How to Keep Your Monthly Payment Low When Mortgage Rates are High With mortgage rates currently near 20-year highs, many prospective

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Debt to Income Ratio

Debt Management for Homeowner Hopefuls

Many people across the country dream of homeownership. But often, realizing that dream first means finding financial stability. If you’re

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Los Angeles Mansion Tax

Can The Los Angeles Mansion Tax be Avoided ?

We all understand that living in a bustling U.S. metropolitan city comes with a premium price tag. Whether it’s New York City,

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The Strand: Stunners for Sale

There’s no doubt about it, some of South Bay’s most exclusive and coveted properties are located on the Stand. Beyond just

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Must-Have Items for Homeowners with Dogs in 2023

Homeowners with dogs know the ongoing challenge of living comfortably while keeping their dogs happy, and protecting their homes from

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accessory dwelling units are trending

Accessory Dwelling Units – What you Need to Know.

Accessory Dwelling Units are not a new thing, but the demand for properties that have an ADU or the potential to add one has increased over

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South Bay – Winter Real Estate Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when purchasing real estate. As much as we love a good bargain, finding one in our South Bay real

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Top 5 Homebuyer Turn-Offs

It’s well-understood that buying a home can be an exciting, yet emotionally charged process. During the home search specifically,

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