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accessory dwelling units are trending

Accessory Dwelling Units – What you Need to Know.

Accessory Dwelling Units are not a new thing, but the demand for properties that have an ADU or the potential to add one has increased over

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South Bay – Winter Real Estate Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when purchasing real estate. As much as we love a good bargain, finding one in our South Bay real

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Top 5 Homebuyer Turn-Offs

It’s well-understood that buying a home can be an exciting, yet emotionally charged process. During the home search specifically,

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South Bay Los Angeles

Top South Bay Luxury Listings – Palos Verdes

Luxury listings are always fun to preview, whether you are in that particular market or just curious to see how the rich folks are living.

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South Redondo Townhomes

South Redondo Townhomes

What Does the Future Hold for the Townhome Market in South Redondo? Today’s real estate market is evolving as we speak. By the time you

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factors affecting the real estate market

5 Factors Affecting the Real Estate Market

Factors Driving the Shift in the Real Estate Market The real estate market is a stable and mostly predictable environment for investing.

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Disclosing a death in the home

Disclosing a Death in the Home

Disclosing a death in the home is something that you may or may not have to do when selling it.  If you are selling a home, you will be

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Home Inspection Negotiations

Negotiating Home Repairs After the Inspection

Successfully Negotiating Home Repairs when Buying a Home Negotiating home repairs after the inspection is often a major hurdle when buying

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Residential Lumber Prices

Lumber Prices have Fallen

The rise in costs of residential building supplies and shortage of skilled laborers over the past 18 months has been well documented in the

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3d printed homes are the future

Are 3D Printed Homes the Future of Residential Construction?

Over the past 18 months, the new home market has faced a number of challenges, notably, the rise in building costs, shortage of building

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