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Are 3D Printed Homes the Future of Residential Construction?

3d printed homes are the future

Over the past 18 months, the new home market has faced a number of challenges, notably, the rise in building costs, shortage of building materials, supply chain issues, and access to qualified labor. These challenges are no doubt the direct effects of the Covid19 pandemic. With the demand for new homes is drastically outpacing the […]

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Top Smart Home Systems for 2021

Smart Home 2021

Updating your home to modern aesthetics is something that homeowners have been doing for decades. With recent advances in ‘Smart Home’ technology, updates are no longer just to keep up with visual style. Now, homeowners have to keep their homes up to date with all the latest tech. After all, Millennial buyers are looking for […]

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15 Awesome Fall Scented Candles

fall scented candles

Fall 2022 has officially arrived! The pandemic has wound down and social activities appear to be back to pre-pandemic levels. That means fall activities like pumpkin patches, Halloween parties, and fall festivals. In addition to these social autumnal activities, we can bring the coziness and comfort of Fall into our homes. So, break out the […]

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Fruit Display Favorites that will Elevate your Kitchen

Awesome Fruit Displays

Elevate the simplest and cleanest kitchen or dining room design instantly with a bright and interesting fruit display. Fruit bowls and displays are classic elements of design for kitchens and dining areas. There are so many great design options for fruit displays. You can find various display vessels that will provide you with stylish ways […]

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Staircase Railing Styles that will Elevate your Design

Wrought iron staircase railings

A staircase and its railings are the focal points and design features in a home. The style of railing should match the overall style and aesthetic of the home. Here are some classic staircase railing styles that will elevate your home’s design instantly! Traditional Wrought-Iron Staircase Railing Wrought-iron railing is timeless. Wrought-iron railing is used […]

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Staging a Home That Sells

Sometimes the difference between selling your home immediately and struggling through a multiple month-long process is simply in the staging. Make sure you know what buyers are looking for in a beautifully staged home. What follows is Merit Real Estate’s essentials guide to home staging. Visit Merit Real Estate today at or call (310) […]

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