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Empty Nesters Relocating Closer to Their Grown-Up Kids

As an empty nester, it’s natural to start thinking about downsizing and moving closer to your adult children. However, this move is much more than finding a new home. There are several steps that you will need to take to ensure that your move is successful and that you’re happy in your new home. This […]

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Navigating Higher Mortgage Rates

High Interest Rates

How to Keep Your Monthly Payment Low When Mortgage Rates are High With mortgage rates currently near 20-year highs, many prospective homebuyers are maintaining a ‘wait and see’ approach. This is keeping many homebuyers sidelined until they see rates drop back down to the all-time low interest rates of the past 10 years. Unfortunately, no […]

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Debt Management for Homeowner Hopefuls

Debt to Income Ratio

Many people across the country dream of homeownership. But often, realizing that dream first means finding financial stability. If you’re looking to buy a house within the next year, you’ll need to manage your debt carefully. Additionally, balancing your saving will be key. Determine Your Debt-to-Income Ratio Knowing and understanding your debt-to-income ratio is one […]

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Can The Los Angeles Mansion Tax be Avoided ?

Los Angeles Mansion Tax

We all understand that living in a bustling U.S. metropolitan city comes with a premium price tag. Whether it’s New York City, Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles, the cost of living is going to be exponentially higher than it is in more rural or suburban areas of the country. One common factor in this inflated […]

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The Strand: Stunners for Sale

There’s no doubt about it, some of South Bay’s most exclusive and coveted properties are located on the Stand. Beyond just having a majestic beachfront location, homes built on The Strand boast fine craftsmanship, unique designs, and epic ocean views from sprawling balconies and rooftops. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning […]

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South Bay – Winter Real Estate Bargains


Everyone loves a bargain, especially when purchasing real estate. As much as we love a good bargain, finding one in our South Bay real estate market is easier said than done. Often, home buyers need to dig a little deeper into some of the financial numbers, physical stats, and future value & income potential. If […]

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Top 5 Homebuyer Turn-Offs

It’s well-understood that buying a home can be an exciting, yet emotionally charged process. During the home search specifically, buyers are continuously challenged by homes for sale that doesn’t check every box on their list. Perspective home buyers often have to make compromises when choosing a home to move forward with. Although there may be […]

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Top South Bay Luxury Listings – Palos Verdes

South Bay Los Angeles

Luxury listings are always fun to preview, whether you are in that particular market or just curious to see how the rich folks are living. Here at Merit Real Estate, we too love previewing these stunning luxury listings that grace our local marketplace. This week, we are highlighting our top 5 luxury listings in Palos […]

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South Redondo Townhomes

South Redondo Townhomes

What Does the Future Hold for the Townhome Market in South Redondo? Today’s real estate market is evolving as we speak. By the time you read this article, things could be drastically different from the time I am writing this. However, today I feel inclined to analyze one sub-market that I have had my eye […]

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5 Factors Affecting the Real Estate Market

factors affecting the real estate market

Factors Driving the Shift in the Real Estate Market The real estate market is a stable and mostly predictable environment for investing. Although stable and predictable, the local and national real estate market is not impervious to changes, shifting trends, and occasional volatility. Let’s take a look at the top 5 factors affecting the real […]

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