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Design Ideas That Won’t Go Out of Style

When remodeling or updating a home, it can be difficult to make decisions about finishes while keeping trends and long-term desirability in mind. We’ve compiled a shortlist of styles that have been around forever and will continue to endure the test of time. 

Simple Style with Pops of Pattern

Remember that if something is simple and plain, there is very little reason that it will go out of style. We love a classic white or navy with a pop of simple geometric patterns.

Sustainable & Recycled Finishes

Sustainability is one of those trends that never go out of style. Adding sustainable or recycled material to your finishes will make a lasting statement and a very unique selling feature for years to come.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

One of the most critical things that most homebuyers look for in a new home is adequate storage, but storage space isn’t always the most attractive addition to a home. Engineering thoughtful storage – like hollow ottomans, tucked-away closet space, and creative cabinetry – can give your home more appeal than others.

Mix-and-Match Upholstery

Choosing an eclectic mix of upholsteries can really stand the test of time because having a mix rather than coordinates means you can swap pieces out and add to your collection over time, rather than having to replace a whole set all at once.

Rustic-Modern Décor

There’s something about rustic décor that makes it stand the test of time. Choosing pieces with a modern twist can help them be more appealing to the masses.

Bar & Craft Cocktail Pieces

A fun feature that can be added to almost any home is a bar feature. Even something as simple as a bar cart can add character and charm to a small space.

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