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Living with pets? Keeping a Tidy Home

Having a dog and a clean home does not have to be impossible. True, living with pets can make things trickier – through no fault of their own – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have both. Here are some ways you can have a gorgeous home and a happy pup at the same time.

Adjusting Routines

Part of keeping our homes tidy is having a well-groomed dog. This can be challenging when our pets’ favorite pastimes are digging in mud or frolicking through the grass. However, we don’t want to curtail their fun; instead, we should get them clean before they come indoors. Have an area ready outside for when you return from walks and trips to the park. A rubber mat, a sturdy brush, pet wipes, and an attachment for your hose should be all you need for a clean pup, even after the most rambunctious romp. Additionally, you can keep their fur trimmed, particularly around their feet and tail, to prevent dirt from caking and being brought inside.

Pet Grooming

Update Your Cleaning Arsenal

Having a clean home begins with having a clean dog. Ensure that your companion stays fresh by getting a good fur-specific comb to prevent canine hair from going everywhere, and collect the strays more easily with a broom made specifically to collect dog fur. For carpets and furniture, a handheld vacuum, such as the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1, is ideal to address pet hair. To keep your yard equally spotless, invest in a quality pooper scooper and eco-friendly poop bags that will decompose, rather than never break down.

Dog-Friendly Areas Around the Home

If you want rooms or pieces of furniture to remain pristine, you’ll need to cordon them off from your pet. You can block them with child-safety barriers, or train them with positive reinforcement to not use your prized furniture. This is called boundary training and can be relatively straightforward to accomplish. The best time to do this is when they first come to a home, but it isn’t too late if they already have established routines. However, it could mean that it may take a bit longer to break bad habits. Encourage them to use doggy beds and blankets meant only for them to keep them comfortable without relying on your furniture. Another soloution could be using boots specifically created for dogs, such as the ones found at, https://walkeepaws.com/. When worn, they prevent your dog from picking up bringing dirt inside the home from outside on their paws

Living with Pets - doggie gates

Cleaning Fur and Dander

Having the right cleaning supplies can help your home stay beautiful, but you need to also think about the air. An air purifier can remove particles, like dander and fur, from the atmosphere you and your family breathe in daily. This helps with allergies, as well as the appearance of your property. If you notice your dog suffers from dry skin, you may want to introduce a humidifier to moisturize the air; after all, prevention is the best cure for a messy home.

Living with pets

Manage Smells

When our home doesn’t smell nice, it doesn’t feel like a good place to be. Staying on top of messes and preventing build-up can make everything smell better overall, but it may not be enough. Even if you wash their bedding and toys frequently, odors may linger without proper treatment. You can fight that by adding a combination of washing soda, peroxide, and a clear vinegar to your detergent for extra smell-removing power. Be sure to get their most-beloved toys as well, however, as these can be the stinkiest of all.

Keeping a clean and odor-free home with living with pets.

Having a lovely home truly comes down to maintenance and the right tools. You may need some extra patience, especially as your dog gets used to new routines, but it will be worth it in the end. Soon enough, you’ll be proud of the progress you and Fido have made together.