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Qualities of a Great Listing Agent

If you’re planning to purchase or sell a home, you’ll likely hear the terms “listing agent” and “selling agent”. These are differentiations for the real estate agent that you will use to list your home on the market, versus the agent that buyers may use to help them find a home to purchase.

Finding a great listing agent to get your house priced competitively and listed on the market is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the entire selling process. Not only will this person help considerably with the valuation of your home, but they will also be instrumental in helping you evaluate and accept/reject offers on your home.

Market Analysis & Valuation

Market analysis and valuation are probably the two most important duties of a selling agent. Being competent at analyzing the current market will help you ensure that your home is priced in the correct range for the health of the market where your home is located. This will make sure that your home isn’t significantly over- or under-priced for the market so it will sell in a reasonable amount of time.

The second part of this is the valuation of your home itself. A successful selling agent will understand the nuances that make your home unique and help you to price it accordingly.


From listing your property on all the right sites – Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc. – to properly advertising open houses and other events, a selling agent should come with a ready-made and customizable plan to market your home while it’s on the market.


Your selling agent will help you to stage your home to show potential homebuyers. Understanding the nuances of staging a house properly to showcase its highlights and downplay any potential pitfalls can make all the difference. Framing your house properly with beautiful and tasteful staging is critical.


Your selling agent may be forced to drive a hard bargain in negotiations with other buying agents. Remember, buyers will want to get the best bargain and your selling agent is the person who needs to be protective of your interests in negotiation deals. Ensuring that you have a selling agent who works well under the pressure of negotiations is critical to your home selling success.

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