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Brew Lagoon 2017



Brew Lagoon, took place at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach featuring unlimited tasting from over 20 of the BEST Southern California craft breweries alongside music festival vibes from 5 local bands. The event was planned by local event planners, Gasser Lounge and Huck Street Productions, and sponsored by Merit Real Estate. The event sold out the week prior to the event, exceeding all expectations.

Upon arrival attendees were given a tasting glass provided by Merit Real Estate and the Brew Lagoon planners. Individuals would come up to breweries of their choice and receive free craft beer samples. Bands like The Royal Rats, a unique throwback surf rock band dressed in formal attire provided the event with awesome beach vibes and a laid back ambiance. The band that drew the most attention, was a comically named, but fun and energetic electronic band, Fartbarf, dressed as Neanderthals in space jumpsuits. Everything from  their electronic rock style and outfits created a memorable fun energy and ambiance.

Overall the event ran very smoothly and it is rumored that Brew Lagoon may be returning soon, and possibly regularly. With the incredible organization and planning from Gasser Lounge, Huck Street Productions, and Merit Real Estate, we are hoping the next Brew Lagoon will be much larger, as over 300 people had to be turned away at the door, potentially the only hiccup in the overall success of Brew Lagoon. Merit Real Estate has been a supporter of local events in the South Bay now for many years, and we are very lucky to have been a part of such a successful and crowd-drawing event.

-Juan C Munoz & Rodman Amiri

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