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Eye-Catching Curb Appeal on a Budget

When you’re trying to balance your home improvement budget before you sell your home, it can be tempting to spend all of your money on the interior of your home, but often curb appeal can give your home that certain intangible quality that makes your home stand out. We have a few great ideas to give your home eye-catching charm even if you’re on a shoestring budget.


Add a fresh coat of paint.

Exterior paint is relatively inexpensive, and giving your front door and trim a fresh coat of paint can make your home look well kept and inviting. When potential buyers approach your home, fresh paint will give the impression that you have taken great care in the maintenance of your property and will make them feel more at ease with the condition of the home.

Get a mailbox upgrade.

A new mailbox can be as inexpensive as $20. Mailboxes deteriorate over time and you may not have even noticed that you need a new one. Take a look at yours and identify whether it’s eligible for replacement. In particular, if your mailbox has your name on it, get a new one with fresh, clear address numbers marked on it. This will not only make your home easier to find for showing and open houses but will make it easier to identify for drive-by traffic as well.

Replace or update exterior lighting.

Make sure your exterior light fixtures are clean, modern, and have working bulbs. Especially in early spring, some of your showings may happen during the dusk hours and fresh, functional lighting will make your home seem welcoming and safe.

Freshen up your landscaping.

Installing fresh flower boxes or weeding your existing landscaping makes your home look charming and well cared for.

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