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Must-Have Items for Homeowners with Dogs in 2023

Homeowners with dogs know the ongoing challenge of living comfortably while keeping their dogs happy, and protecting their homes from damage and odors. Finding this balance requires…well, a lot. Whether it’s hours of training, making major changes in your family’s schedule, or equipping your home with helpful products, there often needs to be an all-inclusive plan in place. Let’s look at some of the must-have products to help homeowners and their dogs live together comfortably.

Must-Have Items for Homeowners with Dogs

Safety Gates

As with any relationship, healthy boundaries are important. Adding safety gates (also known as baby gates) will help create those boundaries for your dog within your home. Gates can be used to permanently create spaces where your dog is not allowed. They can also be used to temporarily separate your dog from specific areas of your home while you are away. Keeping your dog out of specific areas of your home can help you protect those spaces from your dog’s odors, shedding, and potential bad behaviors.

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Dog Monitor

A dog monitor is a great product for homeowners and dogs with separation anxiety. Many of these products include video, audio, and treat dispensing features. This will give you the ability to see what your pup is doing in your home while you are away. Some products allow you to speak to your dog and dispense treats to them. If your fur baby is going to be home alone for an extended period, having a monitor will provide much-needed interaction that could keep them calm and happy.

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Pet/Paw Wipes

Pet wipes are not a replacement for a bath but can provide a way to keep parts of your dog clean between baths. Most pet wipes are formulated with natural products that are safe and gentle for your dog. Keep these wipes handy so that you can quickly wipe their paws, faces, and other parts of their body that can be problematic for maintaining clean furniture and carpet.

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Stain and Odor Remover

Using some of the products previously listed in this article will go a long way in preventing unwanted messes, stains, and odors in your home. However, homeowners should to be prepared to tackle them when those other measures fail. A good stain and odor remover product handy is a must-have for homeowners with dogs.

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Stain Remover


Dog Bed

The best way to keep your dog from laying all over your furniture and bedding is to get them their own. Providing them with their own bed and their own space will continue with creating those healthy boundaries between you, your dog, and your home. When selecting the perfect bed for your furry friend, be sure to get one that accommodates their size and weight. Also, take into consideration how your pup interacts with different materials and temperatures. Some bedding materials may be too fluffy or warm for your pet.

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Dog beds for homeowners with dogs


Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment for you and your Dog

The overall goal is to be able to live comfortably in your home with your dog while creating an equally comfortable experience for them. These and other products can help you and your pup find that middle ground.