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How to Hire a Reliable Home Inspector

A home inspector often determines the value and safety of your home; hire smart!

A home inspector is one of the most important people you will hire during the home buying process. Not only does he or she determine the safety of your home, but also has the power to essentially set the purchase price based on their inspection report. He or she is also able to give you what is arguably the most important information that you’ll receive during this process. For these reasons, hiring the most competent and reliable home inspector is one of the most critical decisions you will make.

The most important step in hiring a home inspector is the interview. During this critical one-on-one time, you’ll be able to ask your potential inspectors to provide you with information that will make choosing the right one significantly easier.


The first things you will want to know about are the qualifications and experiences of a home inspector. It’s important not to choose someone who’s too “green” – or new in the industry – as they may lack the knowledge and experience to see potential issues that a more seasoned industry veteran would easily spot. Any home inspector you interview should gladly provide you with a resume, as well as sample reports from previous projects.

Ask for References

Any accomplished home inspector will come to his or her interview armed with various references from previous work. Letters of recommendation and offers of reference are commonplace in the real estate inspection industry and you’d be well advised to make use of them. Call on references given to you rather than taking them at face value. Following up on these business contacts may unearth information that you may not otherwise ascertain until after hiring the inspector – good or bad.

Association Memberships

While memberships in associations are not critical, it is often a special benefit. Memberships in these associations often vet their members prior to granting them access to the network of contacts they hold. This vetting process would make your potential inspector pre-screened in a way, alleviating you of the challenge of doing a thorough screening.