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Moving Checklist – Printable PDF

Moving Checklist

Moving from one home to another is no joke! Moving a long distance is really difficult. Taking advantage of available moving resources and having a great “no fluff moving checklist” will help you plan and organize this major undertaking. Find our printable “no fluff moving checklist” below and visit our Top Moving Resources blog for a comprehensive list of website tools that will help you with checking the boxes on that checklist. We are also adding some great pro tips and advice for moving.

Printable Moving Checklist

Click here to see the printable pdf of our “no fluff moving checklist”.

No Fluff Moving Checklist
This checklist is “NO FLUFF” because you don’t need a checklist to remember to pack or to drink water.

Beyond the Checklist – Moving Tips

  1. Store all of your documentation from your move in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.
  2. Be sure to carefully review all contracts from moving companies and storage facilities before signing.
  3. Use great online resources to help you plan and complete tasks on your checklist.
  4. Hold a garage sale to part with items you can’t take with you. You can also post them on the Facebook Marketplace or platforms such as Let Go or Offer Up.
  5. Label your boxes! This will help you when unpacking at the new place.
  6. Use to help you research businesses and destinations in your new area.
  7. Start packing early. If you wait until the last minute, packing your entire home will be overwhelming.
  8. Purchase moving insurance.
  9. Fill prescriptions before you move.
  10. Make sure you have cash on hand to tip your movers.
  11. Make sure your pets have ID tags for their collars.
  12. Talk to a veterinarian about whether or not you should sedate your pet(s) during the move.


Practicing Social Responsibility During and After your Move

  1. Tip your movers. Here is a guide for how much to tip.
  2. Pick up free boxes from local liquor stores, grocery stores, and department stores. Check Craigslist too!
  3. Donate items you aren’t taking with you, such as frozen foods, bleach, and aerosol cans.
  4. Make sure you’re disposing of toxic items properly.
  5. Send out an announcement of your move to family and friends. Here are some creative ways to get the word out about your move.
  6. Donate unopened food.
  7. Post leftover moving boxes and free items Craigslist.
  8. Send thank-you cards to anyone who helped you move.
  9. Leave reviews on and other relative sites for service providers you worked with during the moving process (movers, real estate agents, cleaning companies, dog sitters, etc.)



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