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Selling Your Own Home (without a Realtor®)

If you’re considering selling your home, you may have thought about selling your home as a for sale by owner (FSBO) listing. There are definite pros and cons to a FSBO situation, and Merit Real Estate wants to help you navigate.

Pros of For Sale by Owner

  1. Avoid Realtor Commissions. The primary motivation for most owners who are hoping to sell their own homes is the idea of avoiding paying a commission to a seller’s agent.
  2. Have Control over the Selling Process. When you’re communicating with a potential buyer by playing a game of telephone between your agent and your buyer’s agent, it can feel really frustrating. Selling FSBO typically allows you to cut out at least one middleman, putting you more in control of the communications and pace of the selling process.

Cons of For Sale by Owner

  1. You’re not a Real Estate Expert. For many reasons, most buyers and sellers prefer to work through real estate agents because they’re the experts! Not only are they able to provide advice and insights that you may not come to on your own, but buyers generally are more comfortable and feel more confident in you when you have a realtor representing your home.
  2. Marketing Resources. Realtors have a far greater amount of time and money to help market your home. These resources can be invaluable and get your home a lot more attention from potential buyers that you would not have the resources to attract on your own.
  3. Commissions to the Buyer’s Agent. On occasion, some locations mandate that you pay a certain percentage in commission to agents who facilitate a sale, so even if you don’t have a seller’s agent, you will still end up paying the same amount of commission. This commission will just be paid in full to the buyer’s agent.

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