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Los Angeles Rams Come Home Again

April 8, 2016

Back in 1995, I was devastated when my football team the Los Angeles Rams left Los Angeles to play in St. Louis. I remember when the Rams played in Anaheim and I would take my young son to watch games at least four or five times a year sometimes more when they made the playoffs. It was great, my son grew up a Rams fan and we followed them even when they were playing in St. Louis, my son and I were thrilled when finally they won the super bowl in 1999, and became world champions, after that we became even more of a hard core Rams fans, and what I mean by this is that we wanted to know all about the team, the roster, the schedule and everything that had to do with the team we ate and breathed Rams football, and needless to say we bleed gold and blue (our colors).


We never lost hope that maybe just maybe someday they would come back to Los Angeles or even somewhere in Southern California. Now our wish and our dream have come true, our Rams are back and we can hardly wait until the regular National Football season gets under way. We already have plans to go see them practice in Thousand Oaks and after that we will plan how many games we are going to go to, The Rams are going to play at the Los Angeles Coliseum the first two years then move to Inglewood, CA where the owner of the Rams is building a state of the art stadium that is going to have a capacity of about 60,000 seats. For all those Rams out there who have been waiting for this, I just want to tell them you deserve this special treat. The National Football college draft is going to be held at the end of April, and we are all hoping the Rams can draft a franchise quarterback that can lead the team to the next super bowl win here in Los Angeles, that will be a great thing.

We want to feel what those fans in St. Louis felt back in 1999.

Good luck and God bless the Rams.