Merit Real Estate

Kicking off the Holiday Season!

November 16, 2015 —As a way of celebrating the start of the holiday season, Merit Real Estate and Redondo Mortgage Center paired up to pass out over 2,000 red and yellow punch balloons to the local community during Halloween weekend! The balloons were distributed October 30th-31st via U.S. mail, hand out, and open houses! You may remember punch balloons from your childhood, but the reactions of individuals upon receiving the punch balloons proved how fun they can be at ANY age!

The punch balloons blow up to 16’ wide and they are ready to use. Simply inflate, slip the attached band around the wrist, and you are ready to start punching away! Our real estate agent, Oscar Salazar, handed them out during open house and he could not believe what a big hit the balloons were as kids and adults alike immediately started playing with them! Below you can find some pictures of the awesome balloons!

punch balloon 1 punch balloon 2