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Cheap Flights From Southern California in January

As we march through the 2019 holiday season into the New Year, many of us are excited by a fresh start and all of the opportunities that a new year brings. One of the many great opportunities that January brings is great deals on airfare! Maybe it is not the right time to take a full-fledged vacation, but a weekend getaway or a mini-vacation might be just what you need after a busy December.

We have compiled a shortlist of cheap flights from various airports in Southern California (and right across the border) to some awesome destinations.


An Extended Weekend in Seattle

If you are in the Palm Springs area, you can get to Seattle in early January for as little as $117! (PSP to Seattle 1/17 to 1/19).

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can still catch a great flight to Seattle on the same dates for as little as $157! (LAX to Seattle 1/17 to 1/19).

Pikes Place Market in Downtown Seattle.


A Mini-Vacay to Warmer Weather

Take an easy flight from Los Angeles to San Juan, Puerto Rico to enjoy the warmer temperatures, sun, and charm of the Caribean. (LAX to SJU 1/22 to 1/28)

Beautiful architecture in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

Leave Your Heart in San Francisco for the Weekend

Fly up the coast for $107! How can you beat that? (LAX to SFO 1/17 to 1/19)


A Passport Will Get You A Deal!

Head a few hours down the 5 freeway to Tijuana for a great flight deal to La Paz, Mexico. Park your car on the U.S. side and walk directly into the airport! You can score this flight for $114. (Tj to La Paz 1/22 to 1/28)


Blast Off to Houston on the Cheap

For $121, you can be in Houston in 3 hours. Take a 3 day weekend to check out this awesome city. (LAX to IAH 1/30 to 2/2)


*These flight times and prices may change daily. Google has a great flight calendar feature that shows you the pricing for flying on a specific day.