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Essential Moving Supplies for the Self-Mover

Essential Moving Supplies

Even though there are quite a few reasons to go with a professional moving company, some people just want to move themselves. Whether it’s a financial reason or a point of pride, you’re going to need some serious supplies! Here is our list of the most essential moving supplies for the self-mover.

Boxes: Heavy-Duty & Wardrobe Boxes

This one goes without saying. Wardrobe boxes are a bit of a higher cost investment; you’ll thank yourself later. These amazing boxes have a hanging bar so you can take clothing and coats out of your closet and hang them right in the box. On the other end, the same thing will happen! Presto – you’re all moved!

Essential Moving Supplies


Make sure you get the heavy-duty moving tape. Clear boxing tape is better than duct tape, as it doesn’t leave a sticky strip behind if it gets overheated.


Blankets can be a serious lifesaver in a move. Make sure they’re blankets you don’t like! Pack them in around furniture to protect wood, upholstery, and light-colored furniture. You can also pack hanging clothing (on the hanger) inside a rolled-up blanket. Think hot dog. Then you can unroll on the other end and hang right up!


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Shrink Wrap & Visqueen

Though these two items seem really similar, they serve two different purposes. Shrinkwrap will hold things in boxes and on pallets, while Visqueen helps them slide easily across surfaces.

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife is something that’s easy to overlook until you need one. You’ll use it to cut Visqueen and shrink wrap, as well as cutting anything free that you might need.

Colored Stickers, Markers, & Tape

Colored stickers, markers, and tape will be a given for anyone with a type-A personality. Color code everything to make sure it gets to the right room!

Moving Checklist

Having a great organizational tool such as a checklist by your side will make your move much easier. Here is the perfect moving checklist for any self-mover that wants to get organized.

No Fluff Moving Checklist














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