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Fruit Display Favorites that will Elevate your Kitchen

Awesome Fruit Displays

Elevate the simplest and cleanest kitchen or dining room design instantly with a bright and interesting fruit display. Fruit bowls and displays are classic elements of design for kitchens and dining areas. There are so many great design options for fruit displays. You can find various display vessels that will provide you with stylish ways to bring a pop of fruity color to your space. Here are some of our favorites with links to purchase them.

Fruit Display



Fruit Display Decor
GOLD GEOMETRIC BOWL: This simple geometric fruit bowl comes in a few different colors be we love the gold version. This design will fit will modern or even mid-century modern styles.



Fruit Bowl Designs
NATURAL WOOD: This piece is multi-purpose but we think it makes a great fruit display. It works well with a rustic design scheme.


GALVANIZED METAL: If your home contains farmhouse design elements, this is a great addition. This display is also versatile and can be used for various items. We like it for fruit, vegetables, eggs, etc.


Fruit Display Decor
METAL COLANDER: Colanders are used for washing fruit and vegetables, but we think they make a great-looking fruit display. They come in so many colors. This is how you can add a bold pop of color to your kitchen.


PEDESTAL BOWL: This one is perfect for the traditional or Tuscan design. This is a classic piece that is also timeless.


Fruit Display Decor
ACACIA WOOD PEDESTAL: We love this fruit bowl! The shape and colors are gorgeous and it fits into so many different design styles. The rich Acacia wood tones and the bright fruit look so good together.


Fruit Display Decor
CLASSIC SERVING DISH: You can’t go wrong with this one. Imagine this dish displaying colorful fruit on your kitchen island or on your dining table.


CONTEMPORARY BASKET: This designer piece isn’t for everyone, but we can’t deny the artistic quality of this design. It will definitely make a bold statement.


WOODEN FRUIT/VEGGIE CRATE: It’s rustic. It’s charming. It’s totally trending! This fruit crate is the perfect piece to sit on your kitchen island if you are going with that popular farmhouse decor.